Monday, October 20, 2008


I can sing when I want to
you can dance this way
we can live a lifetime
in just one day

we were waiting around
for time to begin
waiting on the outside
then the sun started to shine
and the moon glowed
moon did show,
moon did know

the earth brought us along
all the way home
brought us to the inside
that's how we arrive
and we came alive
inside of you,
inside of me
we're in..

we declared our freedom
with our first breath
when the earth was still young
from the outside,
to the inside
and we came for this ride
all this time,
for all time
ridding along..

we can live a lifetime
for all our days..
I love you..
more than than you ll ever know..
i swear by this serene

I love you..

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My friend never
had money
to replace his
wornout shoes..
His friend told me
he knows
a place in the alley,
where they sell
for just 10!
So now me n my friend
beg for alms
in that alley..
for we know,
we need money
to have GOD
so that we can pray
to have new shoes
this Diwali!


A smooth journey,
to mute chimes
of those opaque sources
of light and
heavy rain,
on the lands
of pinks, peach and brown,
to reach the corners
of the rose petal
to die there
never to flow again..
The last tear also,
swallowed by smiles...

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Leaving

I will leave this house
these tall towers that were built
to last forever
these tall towers that are now broken
and crumbling shattered
and cracked by storms
from without and within

Carved words worn by time
no longer legible
no longer have meaning
meaning forgotten

Empty rooms with crated memories
hold no warmth
hold no cold
in haunted hallways muffled echos

no longer sound
no longer enough
no longer compel

Wooden doors silently swing open
these doors that kept the world
at bay open to the unknown beckon
weathered stone steps worn by

countless footsteps
smooth stone steps
lichens and moss colouring
small silent cracks

Pale moon in a pale sky
shadowed trees silent sentinels
to soundless footsteps
following Phoebe's light
on a misted path

I will leave quietly

and let it rain...