Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Tide of Life

I have waited through the ages
for my bottle on the sand,
I have slowly turned the pages
as I've tried to understand,
how the tide of life is turning
and the book is not yet done,
while the life in me is burning
like the heartbeat of the sun.

I have journeyed through my being
with a pilgrims searching eye,
always looking, never seeing
as my memories bloom and die,
I have felt the grass of childhood
and ran barefoot through the snow,
for I'm just a piece of driftwood
in the ocean's gentle flow.

I have told a thousand stories
of the places I have been,
of the horrors and the glories
that my weary eyes have seen,
I have watched a thousand rainbows
shine their colours through the rain,
and I've seen the way the dawn glows
as it rises once again.

Once more I stand upon the beach
and look out to the sea,
my bottle floats just out of reach
but it will come to me,
and when I hold it in my hand
beneath the knowing sun,
I finally will understand
the tide of life is run...

Lauding Souls

You honored me with
Your words of appreciation
But not nearly as deeply as
You did with your tears of joy
When our souls bonded.

Life has been an enchanting
Indoctrination into a spiritual
Existence through trial and
Tribulation and lessons this
Man was destined to learn.

To be recognized by such
A beautiful spirit,
With the purest of hearts
To be complimented with
The reverence of your praise
Is the highest of honors.

Your gracious tenderness
Is so refreshing to my
Weathered spirit.
This journey has been
A lonely voyage,
With few who were able,
Or willing to take the time
To see the value of truth
Which inhabits this soul.

Ill cherish this gift
You've blessed me with
Ill cherish the love that
Has taken root
In virgin soul of our
Souls alliance

And vow to nurture and
Cultivate love and friendship
That will endure
Until we meet again
In the next life to come.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I can sing when I want to
you can dance this way
we can live a lifetime
in just one day

we were waiting around
for time to begin
waiting on the outside
then the sun started to shine
and the moon glowed
moon did show,
moon did know

the earth brought us along
all the way home
brought us to the inside
that's how we arrive
and we came alive
inside of you,
inside of me
we're in..

we declared our freedom
with our first breath
when the earth was still young
from the outside,
to the inside
and we came for this ride
all this time,
for all time
ridding along..

we can live a lifetime
for all our days..
I love you..
more than than you ll ever know..
i swear by this serene

I love you..

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My friend never
had money
to replace his
wornout shoes..
His friend told me
he knows
a place in the alley,
where they sell
for just 10!
So now me n my friend
beg for alms
in that alley..
for we know,
we need money
to have GOD
so that we can pray
to have new shoes
this Diwali!


A smooth journey,
to mute chimes
of those opaque sources
of light and
heavy rain,
on the lands
of pinks, peach and brown,
to reach the corners
of the rose petal
to die there
never to flow again..
The last tear also,
swallowed by smiles...

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Leaving

I will leave this house
these tall towers that were built
to last forever
these tall towers that are now broken
and crumbling shattered
and cracked by storms
from without and within

Carved words worn by time
no longer legible
no longer have meaning
meaning forgotten

Empty rooms with crated memories
hold no warmth
hold no cold
in haunted hallways muffled echos

no longer sound
no longer enough
no longer compel

Wooden doors silently swing open
these doors that kept the world
at bay open to the unknown beckon
weathered stone steps worn by

countless footsteps
smooth stone steps
lichens and moss colouring
small silent cracks

Pale moon in a pale sky
shadowed trees silent sentinels
to soundless footsteps
following Phoebe's light
on a misted path

I will leave quietly

and let it rain...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Bookends of Life

The book ends of life
Form a comforting wall,
But sometimes
The books
Can all topple
And fall,
Then the chapters
You read
Have a different feel,
A carriage and four
When it loses
A wheel.

The pages you keep
With your bookmark of gold,
Can save you
A place
Where the story
Is told,
When your bookends
Are back
On each side
Of your world,
The pennants of life
When they flutter

When nights shuttered door
Casts a shadow on through,
The absence
Of light
Makes a difference
To you,
Though the bookends
are back
When you needed
Them most,
You still hide
From the vision
Of yesterdays ghost

Saturday, August 30, 2008!

Subdued sulken Sun…
Saturine swifting streams…
Static spiritless silence…
Shrinking sanguine smiles…
Somber sublunary…
Shades stodgy...
Superficial solicitude...
Sabatral sterile…
Screaming Soul…
Such screams..

Soul’s strangle
Sometimes submissive


I can see you flying
In the shining of your eye,
I can always hear your singing
As you slowly wander by,
And I can feel you breathing
In the morning as you sleep,
But I can never find you
When you hide away and weep.

I can hear your laughter
Like a blessing in the night,
I can see you gently walking
Through the early morning light,
And I can see the visions
In the way you always see,
But I can never find you
When you come to visit me.

I could walk beside you
In the early morning rain,
And wed listen to the whistle
Of the far off winding train,
Through the quiet of the dales
Before the sun has risen high,
Wed hear the singing of the rails
And see the steam clouds paint the sky.

I could dream in echoes
Of the life we would share as one,
We could come back to the meadows
To the love we thought was gone,
We could dance a dance of wonder
In a rhythmic green swathed day,
And we would kiss beneath the willows
In our same forever way

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dancing feet of the midnight…

Behind me trail the shadows
From before I kissed the sky,
From before I ever met you
From before we said goodbye,
When the shadows were unheard of
Through our silver filigree,
And the only thing I trusted
Was the love you gave to me.
The dancing feet of midnight
Kept the morning far away,
Like that never ending moment
At the dawning of the day,
When I knew that I was dreaming
Like a seabird in the air,
As the reminiscent breezes
Gently wandered through my hair.
But there is a time for darkness
And another time for light,
Like the fading of an evening
And the gift of second sight,
Though behind the waiting shadows
In the softly falling rain
Is an image of tomorrow
And the easing of my pain...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I dont...

I dont sing
Like singers do,
And I dont paint
The evening view,
I cant pretend
The dreams I see
Will bring you dancing
Home to me,
The only thing
That I can do
Is use my words
To worship you.
I dont have
A smile that shines,
Like moonlight
On the dewed pines,
I didnt know
The things to say,
To raise the curtain
On our play,
But give to me
The words and time
And Ill write you
A special rhyme.
I dont know
The heart of you,
Or all the things
You say and do,
And I cant walk
The glens today
For there are words
I need to say,
But maybe
In the coming day and air..
Youll come to see
The way I love and care..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Come to me my love....

Come to me when all mysteries have been exhausted,
when wonder and innocence have died.
When all the fragile jewels of Earth lay broken at my feet
let me gaze into your eyes.

The goat-man has led his goats
to their evening pasture,
the monks have sung their evening song
and sit in silent meditation.
The stars steal one by one into the darkening sky
to await the silver boat of the Moon.
I sit within my little room
and wait for my Beloved.
A score of worthless thoughts
come to fill my head,
they sit upon my chair
and lie upon my bed;

A hundred tunes and enchantments
assail my ears and mind
and beg me to put
all thoughts of you behind.
Come, delightful lover,
come resplendent Lord of silent Thunder-
the fruit these phantoms offer
is sweet but does not ease my hunger.
The ferryman has tied up his boat
and retired to his little hut,
the golden gleam of its lantern seeps
out into the darkness
like honey through a crack.
Before me the moonlight casts
a silver road across the water;
the world with all its sleepy towns
and dreaming villages
falls away behind my back.

Come to me when all mysteries have been exhausted,
when wonder and innocence have died.
When all the fragile jewels of Earth lay broken at my feet
let me gaze into your eyes...

Speak to me the ancient word
and call me by my name,
lift me up in your arms
and make me yours again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Look up my love

Look up, my love, and see where stars are falling
falling over antique Egypt and India,
falling over far Greece and ancient China,
stars like crystal tourmalines,
stars like poets fading dreams,
stars like fallen gods and angels in eternal descent,
stars like the falling petals of autumnal blossom
shaken loose from some great tree
to light the skies above you and me;
falling worlds of wonder that have passed millennia ago,
as fiery as the hearts of raging suns,
as cool and exquisite as winter's first new buds of snow,
falling stars like words of love I may not speak
for fear of Time's stern jealousy,
stars that write a heavenly message in sigils clear and true above Thee.

Look up, my love, and see where stars are falling
falling like the wisdom of serpents and doves,
falling like so much past and perished dust ignited by the atmosphere,
each star a dead and fallen world
with all its people's joys and fears turned into a torch above us,
a plea for understanding, a shout of triumph,
a brief moment of incandescence before it is plunged into eternal Night
beyond the sight of Angels and Men,
never to come again.

Look up, my love, into the splendid night
with its ever-shifting aurora of dreams;
lay your head upon my shoulder beneath the poplar tree,
above us Heaven's milky stream that flows from dusk to dawn
between oblivion's banks,
and if a word from our joined lips is torn
then let it be a word of thanks.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Across the great and shining void,
he called,his spirit in reverberation sang.
So silken were the fetters binding us,
I gave a start as bells of silver rang.

Soon he was everywhere and so was I,
our hearts in holy ardor blending bright.
How pure the emulation, once begun,
when did my soul begin to turn so white?

Such joyous chords, too high for mortal breath,
Oh, my beloved show me now the way
and let our hearts in merry tones now blend
as sweet communion sparked eternal day.

The revelation struck me like a knife,
before the earth began we yet were one.
Creation called and thus our spirits cried,
resounding at the birthing of the sun...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walled Garden...

I have enclosed this space

Planted trees blinds, screens, trellises

So it is private; in all race

A rare luxury in this country

No eyes penetrate here,

Only sounds;

The mindful slapping of flesh

And the mindless smack of playing cards.

Brick red the wall,

But also clay yellow

Moss black…

Mud brown

Warmed by sunlight

Chilled by shadow

Damp with ivy

Glittering with parked dragonflies.

There may or may not be

Lilies as white as the moon..

As lies…as innocence ;

A mango, a fig, a pomegranate in flower,

A serpentine folly & other gothic paraphernalia..

Looming in the moonlight

A grapevine to camouflage a washline,

A septic tank covered over with turf

A wilting pear..

A tiny blood red spider…

A gate, sweetly shut on the World..

Impossible to believe in history walled in here,

Impossible to believe in this garden walled out there..

Its slavery or evasion or can it be both..

My garden roots me and frees me…

Exhausted by evening I step out onto the back..

And there is a spill of sunlight on the bricks..

A moistness in the air

A cool blue grey sky and

Fresh green leaves on the mulberry..

And without warning me,spring from the top step

Just takes off,

Ranting silent hosannas like scabrous angel,

As if the earth & everything in it were a gift…

Meant only for me..

I come thudding down on the Garden,

Ofcourse, but the mood is still on me,

And again the Divine Madness returns to claim..

Allright!!! its Slave..

A Slave..behind the Walled Garden..!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Crystal Bells...

Crystal bells chime in the air where I walk besides the Sea.
I heard them chime once long ago
in the worlds bright infancy and in the twilight of the world,
when the Sun is old and frail,
Ill hear those crystal bells again
in Midnights starry vale.

Crystal bells chime in my heart and in each living thing;
on all the winds that fill the world, hear the songs they sing.

Come to us, they seem to say, come to us, frail Man,
to golden fields beyond the Sun and niggard Times tight span.
The flowers in those flaming fields are burning just for Thee,
that you might gaze into their hearts and see their Mystery.
The trees that grow in that brave land are full of luscious fruit,
and all the worlds unfold their leaves between their crowns and roots.
The streams and rivers of that land run to some silver Sea
and therein all the blood of Man and all the tears of stars
are washed down through the valleys of Peace
achieving Harmony.

Crystal bells chime in the air and in my hungry soul;
I walk alone and desolate within the greater Whole.
I hear those crystal bells and yearn to open crystal doors
and walk the golden path of light beyond Earths tired shores.

O Crystal Bells, what errant wind has set you thus in motion
or did some God strike hammer to your fragile strength
beyond this restless ocean that throughout all the Universe
your crystal music sounds and in my solitary heart,
and in every wave that pounds against this stony land ?
What made Him make you, crystal bells, and lift His ancient hand?

Crystal bells chime in the air where I walk besides the Sea.
I heard them chime once long ago
in the worlds bright infancy and in the twilight of the world,
when the Sun is old and frail,
Ill hear those crystal bells again...
in Midnights starry vale.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I m ThE trEE tHaT WOrE yoUr olD rOpe sWinG

My trunk is scarred with lightning strikes,
My leaves, no stranger to years of blight
The sugar in my veins runs slowly now
but when you were young, I was in my prime,
sturdy in summer for that old rope swing
and flaming in autumn so brilliantly
that even I almost swooned.

Yesterday, you came back home.
Of course the old rope swing is gone, rotted
by so many years of sun and storm,
With hands almost as gnarled as my limbs,
you gently touched the rope marks
on my arm.

In that moment we retraced the years
again, back to when you spun around
or swung so high your toes touched heaven,
I was stately tall and spry in any wind,
And you my friend were agile as a cat.
The years now seem in such a rush
to tumble us from roots we've known so long, Eyelids closing slowly
Saying goodbye to the day,
Senses sailing quietly
And gently far away,
Through the realms of evening
Swim the shadows of the light,
Threadbare remnants of a dream
Adrift upon the night.

And as the evening wanders
Past the columns of the morn,
Where the distant glint of sunlight
Serenades the rising dawn,
There is such a sense of sadness
At the leaving of the shade,
That the morning weeps in sorrow
As the final shadows fade…
but make no mistake,

those that bend do not break.

Friday, June 27, 2008


That broad beam that besets the eye
And casts its shadow cross the soul
Finds favor with the fashioned lie
That I am Master of the whole.
The dire eclipsed by moment pleasures
Poised to pit us against given grief
And steal away our tallied treasures
In place we find a welcomed thief.

Untouchable Rainbow

Intrepid clouds gather,
ravaging starlights
tender glow
tenacious tendrils cling
to loves swift exit
nails tearing tree
destiny crying for bridges
seeking sanctuary.

Tearful stars sprinkle
yesterdays avenues
desires and lost imaginings.

Dark winds trample memories.

No rays to illuminate,
No stars in purple.
Rivers of despair
run in torrential rhapsody
spanning ages.

Wheels scrape away dust of past.
Are rainbow untouchable?