Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Tide of Life

I have waited through the ages
for my bottle on the sand,
I have slowly turned the pages
as I've tried to understand,
how the tide of life is turning
and the book is not yet done,
while the life in me is burning
like the heartbeat of the sun.

I have journeyed through my being
with a pilgrims searching eye,
always looking, never seeing
as my memories bloom and die,
I have felt the grass of childhood
and ran barefoot through the snow,
for I'm just a piece of driftwood
in the ocean's gentle flow.

I have told a thousand stories
of the places I have been,
of the horrors and the glories
that my weary eyes have seen,
I have watched a thousand rainbows
shine their colours through the rain,
and I've seen the way the dawn glows
as it rises once again.

Once more I stand upon the beach
and look out to the sea,
my bottle floats just out of reach
but it will come to me,
and when I hold it in my hand
beneath the knowing sun,
I finally will understand
the tide of life is run...

Lauding Souls

You honored me with
Your words of appreciation
But not nearly as deeply as
You did with your tears of joy
When our souls bonded.

Life has been an enchanting
Indoctrination into a spiritual
Existence through trial and
Tribulation and lessons this
Man was destined to learn.

To be recognized by such
A beautiful spirit,
With the purest of hearts
To be complimented with
The reverence of your praise
Is the highest of honors.

Your gracious tenderness
Is so refreshing to my
Weathered spirit.
This journey has been
A lonely voyage,
With few who were able,
Or willing to take the time
To see the value of truth
Which inhabits this soul.

Ill cherish this gift
You've blessed me with
Ill cherish the love that
Has taken root
In virgin soul of our
Souls alliance

And vow to nurture and
Cultivate love and friendship
That will endure
Until we meet again
In the next life to come.