Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rain by chance!

There were intreprid clouds, heavy nimbus, shades of violet, purple, grays and a peculiar orange circumscribing the skies. Fields of yonder, accustomed to the Sunshine, its dazzle and warmth.. wanted the soothe of the rain drops, the first mirth of the fertility awaiting the green grass and flowers of all colors.. the scent of the earth and the song of the air on beats of thunder. And so it rained. It rained, clouds of the South Sky did pour. Drenched Soul.. Soaring spirits. Love, may be.
....before there was the first inflorescence, colors vanished away from the flower palettes. May be it rained too heavy. May be it dint rain as much..

Charm, as it is, what goes around comes around..some molten shades, evaporated and amalgamated in the clouds that had decided to pour. They came with the show of glamour, lightening along to keep the Earth mesmerized  And like a magician, the clouds did spellbound the Earth, which was more than ever young this season. But it dint go as the usual song would recite. Clouds had their own plans, their own favorite piece of land which they wanted to soak. My dear Earth, happy with some rains somewhere , hopeful of the clouds that would come and pour unconditionally.

(Unconditional, has a clause yet of having no condition. Expectations seeps in, in form of being formless.)

And the Earth, yearning and learning, passively. Praying some rains, though dismaying the clouds. Nature has its own plan, destiny its own. Dried up earth was soon to be sold. 
And then it was to happen. Divinity into action. This time of the celesta, the darkest clouds, thick with hues of gravity, each shade conveying its own virtue. The smoked browns talked of the experiences carried along while floating till this patch of Land, blues talking of the depth the cloud had, the intensity it had, the rains it can cast. Grays telling the stories of the unexpected , the Blacks talking aloud of the ability to engulf, some White here and there telling of the silence that wisdom attains and that glistening violet, the unending enigma! This was it. The rains were to come... it had to pour. The bosom of the Earth had to be damp. It had to be damp to be off the enrapture of being barren . Be off the mirage of clouds. For this time it was real. It was to stay. Forever. 
And it rained. There was a melody in the heart of the Earth, there was a poem in the rain drops, there was harmony in nature. A Love Song was born. Perpetual One. 
Neither the drought nor the flood. Gods were personally monitoring the symphony. 

...In the far yet clearly visible infinite was the spectacular divine unison of the Earth n Rain reaching to seek, other seeking to give. 

However the harsh fact remains, unwashed - Two worlds, One cloud. Art takes over science as clouds decide how and when to pour where.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There are a few drops


on my palm,

that fell from my eyes...


you came..

I am your river

My dear rain..


me with tears of your mirth


forever my quench.....

Your Name..

When i whisper
The sweet name of yours,
Blows a gale
Across my barren land.

Through the times immemorial,
And those golden sand;
Brings the wind
A cloud of down pour;
Gives us dreams, hopes
And charms some more

Brings the storm,
A soul unflurred;
Standing against the wind
Just to hear-
The wind, whispering your name;
With that old remembered flame!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Love has taken me to lofty heights from where the world is but a stage where some flesh and blood dolls share roles... I love loving, as I always have been, ephimerically. This time human forms. Ages back I was loving love as souls. Before that I was loving to be loved as His beloved. Before that I was loved as the spark, the light, the power which spins the wheels of time.
I have learnt through religious practice, I m an apprentice of Him. He loves me in several ways and forms, in several virtues and existences, in various colors and hues, in different seasons as labeled on earth, in different moods as labeled on earth, in various faces as labeled on Earth, through one Soul as He and I label it.
It is tough to pen the mammoth feelings that I have experienced and reproduced. I m pregnant with some eternal joys, post those orgasmic flutes that love has played within me. Understanding of the world has also taken deeper rots in my grains. I am much ado to the learnings that the sands of time have, Love as they say, is beyond definition, I say it defies it, like life does.
To make it simpler the practice indulge us in calling the personified feeling as “LOVE” and some proper nouns.
I also have one proper noun, LOVE, and it makes it much simpler for the complicated world.
Living to love and loving to live.

Monday, May 25, 2009


The view, I watch it closely:
Mountain shapes are a calliope of greens.
Gusty air is going cool.
My eyes walk the sky.
The color turquoise shines
like nothing but itself.
Here, the canyon pass is anything but straight.
I look at the chamisas mustardblooms.
The center of their budding appetites
drink cool raindrops.
My hunger for nature:
It was your light
That I followed...
Allowing me torrents of passion hammer at my heart,
Image frozen in my weary fogged brain,
Dream filled days vs sleepless nights,
Mental pacing from this spot of rest,
For I cannot move without the will,
Siphoned is my strength of purpose,
For all now is given out to you alone,
Yet you want not the attentions I'd give,
Still those passions rage unrelenting,
Fever running while systems shut down,
No bottled cure will repair this damage,
Only slight encouragement from your eyes,
I would bound to your side in a flash,
Take your hand within mine awaiting,
Attentive to your needs as well as wants,
Still your dark windows reveal nothing,
Here I shall remain watchful as time passes,
Never seeing the colours of sunrises nor sets,
Peace remaining elusive while longing remains,
Hints of glowing denied future giving torture,
All I'd give but for one warm finger's touch,
Sacrifices I should make for slightest embrace,
Surrender I would make complete on your whim,
Halting the passions hammering at my heart,
to show it...
For that...

I'll love you forever.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When I lost Faith in Myself

Today I stood outside myself like a sparrow alone and astray,
lending an ear to your pleading voice lovingly calling me to pray.

Inside myself I felt the comfort of the dawning light of night,
like an owl in the desert watching, waiting, not a soul's come into sight.

Beyond myself I saw a garland of roses pillowing upon an unslumbering sea,
as the wind replied with dips and rise, crying, What's left of you and me?

I waited like a little child in a bold self-centered place,
as time flew by void of a miracle worthy of God's special Grace.

I went through the course of love's fresh-found sensations
and played with the visioning powers of philosophical divination.

I burned bridges and felt no distress when in lone times
shoots of misery caused me to commit sins of the flesh.

I stopped myself from hoping what I had hoped for before
and saw old souls and angels fly past me amid a huge sea wall.

I took a chance without myself and sought false intellect,
among a feeble crowd of men their words I did select.

I grew accustomed to standing meek-eyed at the musical sounds of birds,
and from there I withdrew from the sweet tasting dew of a whimsical angel's laughter.

Much riper in years I cry the solemn tears of what make men a transparency.
It's the unworthy feeling of being freely given, any special fate.

Time has touched this girl ghost with misconceptions and horror shows,
yet I plant the seeds and feed them with love in the hopes we all shall grow.

The sun now shines upon me, I am here and you are there.
As I withdraw within myself again, my soul alone and bare.

There once was mighty passion that burned tall, high and free,
but doubt and love's long suffering left nothing of you and me.