Monday, January 19, 2009

A Love Song..

This love is forever..

Just trust me through the walks of life..
as you see
my face turn
pink, brown and pale one day..

Hold my hand through the walks of life
as you feel
it soft, warm and dead one day..

Hold my life with your love
as you see
it agile, adjust, prosper and slip one day..

For this love is forever...
for many such walks of many such lives
for the forever "US"
in forever "LOVE"!

This love is forever...

I will think of you..

I loved you once
when my world was a shooting star
bright and beautiful
when you played your guitar
on winter nights
when there was no where else to go.

I loved you once
though I did not come with a guarantee
no lifetime warranty,
you loved me once.
I had to go, follow that restlessness.

Please credit me with honesty.
That first day I let you know,
told you I never stayed in one place too long.
Understand that I loved your songs
and all that came with the length of our days,

I will think of you again each time
I walk alone in the rain.