Monday, May 25, 2009


The view, I watch it closely:
Mountain shapes are a calliope of greens.
Gusty air is going cool.
My eyes walk the sky.
The color turquoise shines
like nothing but itself.
Here, the canyon pass is anything but straight.
I look at the chamisas mustardblooms.
The center of their budding appetites
drink cool raindrops.
My hunger for nature:


jagadeesh said...

Beautiful. Mustard blooms are so beautiful. I had never seen them before my last trip to North India.

The abstract scientist said...

Hey, Lovely words, I could really relate to these words. I have seen such scenes in Nainital.

joe said...

I was also able to personalize myself with this...n towards the end of this cute,little poem ,i was injected with a notion to visit the place again...Nicely written...BTW wat pen do u use?? :P

kamna said...

@Jagadeesh - The lucky North!

@Judy - Thank u! thanx a lot!

@Joe - I use the ones u discard! :)

joe said...

Tht sounded a kinda of "Atishyokti alankar"...Newayz i will keep the credit ;)

Tamarind~ said...

What a beauty!