Monday, May 25, 2009


The view, I watch it closely:
Mountain shapes are a calliope of greens.
Gusty air is going cool.
My eyes walk the sky.
The color turquoise shines
like nothing but itself.
Here, the canyon pass is anything but straight.
I look at the chamisas mustardblooms.
The center of their budding appetites
drink cool raindrops.
My hunger for nature:
It was your light
That I followed...
Allowing me torrents of passion hammer at my heart,
Image frozen in my weary fogged brain,
Dream filled days vs sleepless nights,
Mental pacing from this spot of rest,
For I cannot move without the will,
Siphoned is my strength of purpose,
For all now is given out to you alone,
Yet you want not the attentions I'd give,
Still those passions rage unrelenting,
Fever running while systems shut down,
No bottled cure will repair this damage,
Only slight encouragement from your eyes,
I would bound to your side in a flash,
Take your hand within mine awaiting,
Attentive to your needs as well as wants,
Still your dark windows reveal nothing,
Here I shall remain watchful as time passes,
Never seeing the colours of sunrises nor sets,
Peace remaining elusive while longing remains,
Hints of glowing denied future giving torture,
All I'd give but for one warm finger's touch,
Sacrifices I should make for slightest embrace,
Surrender I would make complete on your whim,
Halting the passions hammering at my heart,
to show it...
For that...

I'll love you forever.