Saturday, August 30, 2008!

Subdued sulken Sun…
Saturine swifting streams…
Static spiritless silence…
Shrinking sanguine smiles…
Somber sublunary…
Shades stodgy...
Superficial solicitude...
Sabatral sterile…
Screaming Soul…
Such screams..

Soul’s strangle
Sometimes submissive


I can see you flying
In the shining of your eye,
I can always hear your singing
As you slowly wander by,
And I can feel you breathing
In the morning as you sleep,
But I can never find you
When you hide away and weep.

I can hear your laughter
Like a blessing in the night,
I can see you gently walking
Through the early morning light,
And I can see the visions
In the way you always see,
But I can never find you
When you come to visit me.

I could walk beside you
In the early morning rain,
And wed listen to the whistle
Of the far off winding train,
Through the quiet of the dales
Before the sun has risen high,
Wed hear the singing of the rails
And see the steam clouds paint the sky.

I could dream in echoes
Of the life we would share as one,
We could come back to the meadows
To the love we thought was gone,
We could dance a dance of wonder
In a rhythmic green swathed day,
And we would kiss beneath the willows
In our same forever way

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dancing feet of the midnight…

Behind me trail the shadows
From before I kissed the sky,
From before I ever met you
From before we said goodbye,
When the shadows were unheard of
Through our silver filigree,
And the only thing I trusted
Was the love you gave to me.
The dancing feet of midnight
Kept the morning far away,
Like that never ending moment
At the dawning of the day,
When I knew that I was dreaming
Like a seabird in the air,
As the reminiscent breezes
Gently wandered through my hair.
But there is a time for darkness
And another time for light,
Like the fading of an evening
And the gift of second sight,
Though behind the waiting shadows
In the softly falling rain
Is an image of tomorrow
And the easing of my pain...