Sunday, February 8, 2009

When I lost Faith in Myself

Today I stood outside myself like a sparrow alone and astray,
lending an ear to your pleading voice lovingly calling me to pray.

Inside myself I felt the comfort of the dawning light of night,
like an owl in the desert watching, waiting, not a soul's come into sight.

Beyond myself I saw a garland of roses pillowing upon an unslumbering sea,
as the wind replied with dips and rise, crying, What's left of you and me?

I waited like a little child in a bold self-centered place,
as time flew by void of a miracle worthy of God's special Grace.

I went through the course of love's fresh-found sensations
and played with the visioning powers of philosophical divination.

I burned bridges and felt no distress when in lone times
shoots of misery caused me to commit sins of the flesh.

I stopped myself from hoping what I had hoped for before
and saw old souls and angels fly past me amid a huge sea wall.

I took a chance without myself and sought false intellect,
among a feeble crowd of men their words I did select.

I grew accustomed to standing meek-eyed at the musical sounds of birds,
and from there I withdrew from the sweet tasting dew of a whimsical angel's laughter.

Much riper in years I cry the solemn tears of what make men a transparency.
It's the unworthy feeling of being freely given, any special fate.

Time has touched this girl ghost with misconceptions and horror shows,
yet I plant the seeds and feed them with love in the hopes we all shall grow.

The sun now shines upon me, I am here and you are there.
As I withdraw within myself again, my soul alone and bare.

There once was mighty passion that burned tall, high and free,
but doubt and love's long suffering left nothing of you and me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kingdom in the Clouds

Lovely princess with her silk layered dress and hair so long.
She rides through the overgrown forest on her white steed strong.
Riding harder and faster then the great west wind can go.
My love awaits in the lilac grove, a gift to me he will bestow.
This prince of hers so kind, tall and a most handsome lad.
His heart and soul to her belongs but.. his soul now sad.
They may never become one, today the King as declared.
He has choosen another for him, the plans are now prepared.
Without her it is not worth living, a memory is all that life is now.
She aproaches, his arms streched out, he falls to knees as to bow.
Forgive me my darling for this I must do, I know this to be the only way,
On the morn, father, for my new bride sends and then I must go far far away
.My mind cannot fathom, my soul is empty, my heart shattered and broke.
I will love you forever, I await you in heaven,
those were the last words he spoke.
Before she could touch him it was done,
a dagger through his heart is all she had seen.
Then I shall follow and in the clouds forever,
you will be my King and I your Queen.

Soft Moonlight

Lingering to kiss
rapturous, bliss
lovers feeling so right
in the sweet tender softness of moonlight.

We pledged our true feelings
our senses reelinging
whispeing our love to the night
in the sweet tender softness of moonlight.

Our love will sustain
through gladness and pain
temptation we'll soon put to flight
in the sweet tender softness of night.

Soft Whispers

He spoke softly of love
wonders of our first intimate touch
of heated lips yearning long supressed desires.
Together we would wander
untrodden destinies
paths to shared future.
Heart pounding as his voice faded
nothing but soughing winds
of depondency.
Crying to the gods in my need
I taste his kisses on warrm breezes
cooling on chilled evening air,
hear his soft lullaby hazy on crest of pounding breakers.
Stir past embers in my pathetic
desire to recall his face lost in the
shimmer of yesterdays dreams.


I was half expecting visitors
But then you happened by,
I knew I needed cheering up
And knew exactly why,
Returning to an empty home
Had brought things home to me,
Just like a captured melody
That struggles to be free.

Through my window, lonely clouds
Are strolling slowly on,
Just like my happy memories
Were here, and now are gone,
And when the daylight fades away
Within the setting sun,
My softly chaptered poetry
I feel has just begun.

As in those setting moments
When the sunlight paints the sky,
I saw you in my garden
And at once, I knew just why,
A robin on my window sill
Could make me feel this way,
For summers fading serenade
Will come back soon one day.

I was half expecting visitors
Who never make me frown,
Who always make me smile again
When I am feeling down,
And when the sacred evening comes
Ill sing a different tune,
A duet of togetherness
With my old friend the moon..

Did u come to Earth that day???

Did you come to Earth that day
whilst I sat in my room
and fretted about tiny inconsequential things
that no longer matter to me?

Did you walk upon some dusty path
besides a silvery sunlit stream
and pause to admire the small,
star-shaped flowers that grew on its banks,
the trailing weeds of river-hair hiding little darting fish,
the delicate ballet of a transparent water-spider
dancing upon the surface,
the whirls and currents of tiny luminous bubbles
constantly moving and flowing in endless configurations
of creation and destruction
like miniature galaxies
and nebulae in their own watery universe?

When you sat upon the warm soft moss
amidst the sunbeams and clean fresh air,
with butterflies and insects and great golden bees
all about you and small inquisitive animals
observing you quietly from the sanctuary
of their hedgerow hideaways and burrows,
did I give you a moments thought as I turned
some petty grudge over and over in my mind?

When a milkmaid came and offered you some milk
and the effulgence of your radiant smile
was like a beacon of benevolence,
did I ever pause to remember the wonderful opportunity
of birth in a human body or stop for a moment
to simply listen to the birds singing outside my window?

And when you preached the Love
to the assembled pieces of one Heart,
who had come from all quarters of the Universe
to listen to you,
did I not even then put down my weary,
useless burden of sorrows and woes,
of little feuds and niggling negativities,
and cross the threshold of my door
to smell the rain-sweet meadows
and honey-rich bounty of summer?

Oh poor me, that I squandered
this precious life so worthlessly,
lying in some stupour of dissatisfaction
upon my shadowed cot,
watching abstract puppet-plays upon the walls
whilst you, in all your beauty and glory
walked about in the World
to spread Love and make me,
ME again!!